Costumes for Bedrooms - DIY Role-Play Outfits For Couples

Costumes for Bedrooms: DIY Role-Play Outfits For Couples

Whether you're trying role-play for the first time, or looking for fun, new ideas to DIY your own role-play adventure, we want to help you dress the part!

Role-play is more beneficial with more immersion, and one of the ways we can become immersed is by visually aligning with the role we are playing out. Imagine role-playing a soldier and a wartime doctor, but you're wearing a pair of flip-flops that say MIAMI and a t-shirt with a Minion. That outfit won't help you or your partner buy into the scene and explore. 

So we asked our fashion-ferocious femme fatale friend to help us with this list of ideas for bedroom role-play costumes, ideally with something for any budget. We hope you enjoy it. 


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Student/Professor Couples Role-Play

Knowledge is powerful and incredibly sexy; that's why the student/professor role-play fantasy is so popular. The student and professor archetypes each offer several ways to approach play, with great potential for experimentation around power dynamics and character development for deeper immersion. 

Are you a shy, bookish professor looking for the class lothario (editor's note: this word means "a man who behaves selfishly and irresponsibly in his sexual relationships with women") to liberate you from your literary prison? Perhaps you're playing the struggling student eager to offer sexual favors for the promise of a passing grade. Composing a bit of backstory helps participants fall into the role and stay in character as the role-play adventure ramps up. 


Student/Professor Couples Role-Play Costume

  • Consider business-casual attire like slacks, a tweed jacket, or a tie. 
  • Suspenders can be sexy under an open suit jacket and work well for students or professors.
  • Non-prescription glasses are inexpensive and easily found at the grocery store. 
  • Think about the student's role and dress to match; is the student somewhat reserved or comfortable being overtly sexual?
  • Give a school uniform vibe with a white dress shirt, a blazer, and a tie.
  • Use student-themed costume items like a backpack, notebook, or textbooks. 

The great news is that almost all of these looks can be put together at a community thrift store, keeping extra waste out of the landfill and more money in your pockets. Plus, who doesn't love thrift shopping?

Once your bedroom role-play costume is ready, it's time to set the scene with higher education-themed props and extras. The student/professor couples role-play doesn't require much to get started and is ideal for those easing into role-play. If you don't have a desk, use a table. Set out simple school-themed items that double as toys, like a ruler or chalkboard where you can get naughty with writing. With a bit of creativity, you don't need to be a member of the collegiate body to enjoy your partner's collegiate body. (Editor's note: this was an incredible pun.)


Boss/Employee Couples Role-Play 

If you've been thinking about working some overtime, a boss/employee couples role-play adventure is definitely for you. Use a boss/employee scenario to heighten sexual tension and delve into the power dynamics between the boss and employee while on the job; tense workplace dynamics and structured couples role-play are a match made in heaven. 

Use a "reasonable" scenario as the backdrop, like a job interview, being written up for bad behavior, or perhaps settling a conflict between coworkers (poly folks: your time to shine). Decide what kind of company you both work for and what outfit best suits the job. Is this a high-powered environment with clothes to match, or maybe it's a tech startup where the boss is somewhat more casual?


Boss/Employee Couples Role-Play Costumes

  • Most bosses wear business attire to the office, think pencil skirt, dress pants, or a crisp, white shirt. Tailor your clothes to enhance your character's authority - or diminish it.  
  • Perhaps the boss carries a briefcase full of sexy instructions for new employees... or other 'props'. 
  • The employee may dress in something professional, layered over enticing underwear or no underwear. 
  • There's also the option to arrive for, say, a fake job interview wearing nothing but an overcoat. A bold personal brand statement.
  • We can't forget about the seductive secretary trope. Think glasses, a low-cut shirt, and hair styled up for a classic aesthetic. The admin assistant can be gender-neutral, too, and more masculine characters can see if short shorts are workplace appropriate.

A boss/employee role-play scenario permits each participant to choose the level of dominance they wish to assert during the fantasy and provides an enjoyable means of surrender for those seeking it. Setting the scene doesn't require much work and is easily achieved by dimming the lights, setting up behind a table or desk, and maybe having some paperwork that lists the employee's infractions and how they can make amends to the boss


Repairperson/Homeowner (aka Handyman/Housewife) Role-Play

There's a reason so many adult movies kick off with this role-play scenario; we love a good-looking stranger and an afternoon indiscretion. The idea is to indulge in the feeling of freedom and sexual liberation that comes with seducing a stranger in your own home. Don't let the labels fool you; the handyman/housewife scenario is versatile, and these roles are for every gender and sexual identity. 

There's something quite thrilling about the unknown, and this role-play fantasy allows you and your partner to tap into that feeling without leaving the living room. The power in this scenario belongs to either partner. Therefore it's helpful to choose which partner will take the lead in initiating the seduction and plan your bedroom role-play costumes accordingly. 


Handyman/Housewife Couples Role-Play Costume

  • A handyman always brings the proper implements for the job, whether a clipboard or a tool belt full of fun toys.
  • We can't say enough good things about wearing jeans and working shirtless; everyone looks delicious in denim.
  • Check your local safety supply company for a high-visibility vest, hard hat, or work boots.
  • Consider personalized invoices detailing the expected compensation for a job well done.
  • The housewife role-playing costume depends on the dynamic. If acting as the seducer, try answering the door in a robe or sultry outfit.
  • You can also go ultra-feminine with a cute little apron worn over a short sundress without underwear. The housewife role can be whatever you build it into; there are no limitations based on gender expectations. 

Although the handyman/housewife couples role-play scenario is easy to execute, it still has the potential to be very immersive. Decide what sort of predicament would require a handyman, handywoman, or handyperson to come by, and maybe even learn a few repair terms to add realism to the interaction. Close the curtains, tidy up, and have a blanket handy to throw over the upholstery or the kitchen linoleum for maximum fantasy fulfillment. A few simple modifications will make you and your partner ready to begin your bedroom role-play adventure confidently.


Cop/Prisoner Couples Role-Play 

Perhaps one of the most popular role-play fantasies of all time, the cop/prisoner scenario is the ultimate expression of dominance and submission between two consenting partners. This role-play fantasy allows one partner to take charge and dictate the pace of and escalation of events, delivering a unique experience that deepens your intimate connection. Breaking the law has never been so sexy. 

The cop/prisoner dynamic has a bit of leeway around the structure and allows the prisoner to devise an engaging reason for being detained. The prisoner may also decide to resist arrest, at least for a time, and might try to bargain their way out of jail with promises of sexual seduction. Decide how far the cop character should go regarding restraint and demeanor, and then plan the details of your role-play costume to enhance your choices.  

Cop-Prisoner Couples Role-Play

  • Plenty of sites sell affordable, realistic cop costumes - and your local thrift shop may have some cheap after Halloween. 
  • To DIY a cop costume, find some navy blue trousers and a dark blue button-down shirt. A roll of reflective fabric tape works for the piping down the sides and other accents. 
  • When they join the force, every cop is issued handcuffs, so those are a must. Tactical handcuffs are available, but so are toy handcuffs from the party supply store. 
  • There are some convincing faux police peaked caps for purchase online if realism is your game. 
  • Complete your cop role-play costume with dark sunglasses and some sexy citations. 
  • Orange scrubs are inexpensive and make a convincing dupe for prison-issue clothing. Scrubs are available for purchase online or at most big-box stores. 
  • The prisoner may also dress in street clothes depending on the details agreed upon between the participants. 
  • There has never been a better time in your entire life to don aviators and a moustache (if that aligns with your character's vibe).

To add depth to the experience, consider where this role-playing adventure might take place; an interrogation room, the shower, or perhaps in the car during a "prison transfer." Use the basement or an empty spare room to set up a table and bright light for intense questioning sessions. Prepare some persuasive legal language and work on keeping your partner in line with your stern cop voice. Own the power of authority in this sexy role-play scenario and watch the prisoner surrender to the long arm of the law. 


Doctor/Patient Couples Role-Play 

Doctor/patient role-play tops the list for many couples and is a great way to explore feelings of vulnerability and control. This style of intimate role-play allows both partners to experience the push and pull of a power dynamic based on trust and the expectation that the doctor knows best; it's natural for a patient to defer to the doctor's orders. 

Consider the doctor's disposition and bedside manner when choosing a costume for your couple's role-play fantasy; is the doctor meant to provide care to the patient or deprive them of it? Be sure to envision a structure to underpin the experience. Everyone needs a thorough physical exam or some sports rehabilitation from time to time. Give the patient a convincing reason to visit the doctor, and the rest will fall into place. 


Doctor/Patient Couples Role-Play Costume

  • A doctor might dress in business-casual clothes such as slacks, a dress shirt, or a tie. The color might reflect whether the doctor is here to help or not. 
  • An inexpensive lab coat is a cherry on the cake for the doctor role-play costume, and they're easily obtained online or from medical distributors. 
  • Search supply companies or party supply stores for a realistic stethoscope, and then go thrifting to find a vintage doctor's bag to keep all your instruments safely tucked away. 
  • Eyeglasses don't necessarily mean someone is a distinguished doctor, but they can help sell the fantasy. 
  • The patient may choose to arrive for the appointment wearing everyday clothes or be waiting for the doctor in the nude. 
  • If the patient prefers a gown, there are many well-made options for sale on Etsy, and a quick online search yields quite a few affordable results. 

One can add limitless details to a doctor/patient role-play adventure to enrich and enhance the experience for both partners. Start with a simple white sheet over the bed to give a sterile appearance to the room. Clear off the side table and put out some exciting extras like latex gloves or a body-positive "intake form" to encourage the patient to interact with the environment. 

Both partners can play the doctor or patient, and you can tailor elements of the scenario to reflect the kind of sexual role-play adventure you want. For example, incorporating a nurse character pushes the dynamic in a new and exciting direction. Perhaps the doctor is a podiatrist specializing only in feet or a paramedic who meets the patient during a life-saving emergency. Let your creativity take hold, and find joy in constructing the best bedroom role-play scenario for you. 


It's Time to Start Your Sexual Role-Play Journey 

Engaging in role-play scenarios is exciting and fun, though not without some hiccups if you go it alone and are new to this type of play. We hope your role-play experience helps you communicate, learn, and grow with your partner. If you need some help connecting, try our game, Uncover Me, to help you ease into play. 


  • The Reviive Team