Uncover Me: A Card Game For Couples



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The couples game proven to make honest discussion and learning more about your partner a really, really good time.

Share your reactions to engaging life, relationship, and intimacy questions. Dive deeper with discussions. 

Great for new couples who want to learn more about each other or for those looking to re-open communication if things aren't feeling very communicative (it happens to the best of us)!

Includes 100 Situation Cards, 20 Reaction Cards, and Instructions. 

How it works:

In this two-player game, you'll share your reaction and guess the other's player's reaction to a shared Situation card using Reaction cards. You'll discuss your Reaction choices, then use Deep Dive prompts to go even further. Play with or without points.

In the Package:

100 Situation Cards, 20 Reaction Cards, and an instructions booklet, all in a premium box.

Good to Know:

All situation cards are gender-neutral and generally situation-neutral. No matter who you are, your relationship can benefit from playing.

Customer Reviews

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Real Reviews

"I can’t believe that, after 10 years together, the game actually helped us learn new things about each other - there were many fun and surprising moments." - Mike, Canada

Real Reviews!

"My partner and I were able to start playing within 5 minutes of opening the box. We had so much fun playing the game and learned things we didn't expect from each other." Hannah S., Canada

How to Play Uncover Me:

Real Player Reactions:

What makes Uncover Me so special?

Uncover Me is unlike any other game ever designed for couples. Our team tested and revised FIVE versions before ever putting it out to the world. Here's what sets Uncover Me apart:


It's actually fun!

Most couple's "games" are just discussion prompts. That's not a game, and it's not usually fun. We know - we've played most of them. Uncover Me will have you laughing, smiling until your face hurts, and wanting to play more.


Engaging Gameplay!

Each round of Uncover Me starts by sharing Reactions that create a discussion spark, and continuing the round leads to more dialogue (and laughs) that open even more avenues for conversation.


Situations That Elevate!

Many other couple's card games ask questions that don't help you learn how to better be in relationship with your partner. Uncover Me adds tools and knowledge to your relationship toolkit, leading to better love.


Made for ALL couples!

No matter how long you've been a couple, no matter your orientation, no matter your gender, Uncover Me is for you and your partner. All couples deserve great relationships.