Your Privacy Matters

Reviive takes protecting your personal information seriously. Here's how.

Our approach to privacy

On top of the basics, like the use of good passwords, SSL, and having our team sign privacy agreements, here are some other ways we work to protect your privacy:

"Do unto others"

We treat your information with the same respect we'd want our information treated with. Feeling safe is important in the bedroom, and it's important when buying products for your bedroom. This means we review every part of the process as we improve our experiences.

Data masking

When you submit your character information for game customization, we minimize the associations with your name. That's why we ask for an order number to go with your character names and genders - it's just another layer of privacy and discretion.

Unassuming packaging

Your kit will come in very unassuming packaging. Is that from a company that designs experiences for couples? Or is it a package from the Boring Police calling you into Accounting School to read Tax Lists about Municipal Spending Limits? Nobody will know, excect you.


How long do you keep my order info?

Your order information will stick around for the life of our store, but we routinely archive it. Only our order fulfilment team has access to this information.

How long do you keep my personalization information?

If you order a role-play kit, we'll ask for personalization information. We keep your personalization information for about 60 days. This is to make sure your order ships properly and everything is in order. Then it's deleted, and we'll have no record of your character personalization information.

Will you contact me after?

No, unless you sign up for an email list, there will be no marketing emails sent. You will receive a single request for feedback after your order arrives so that we can keep improving, but that's just a one-time thing.