Couples role-play kits: everything you need to make memories (and love)

Communicate, learn, and grow through the power of role-play

Easier, better, and more fun.

The best role-play experience, in a kit

Role-play, done right, is a ton of fun and a great learning experience. But it's not like any of us were taught this stuff in a class.

Our kits help couples get it right, maximize the experience, and skip all the tedious prep work.

So, what's in our couples role-play kits?

Everything you need to create a great experience with your partner, of course:

An easy-to-follow brief and intro

The first bits are where people often get frustrated, and we turned that whole process into a good time.

15+ pages of customized story

Play through a fun, multi-step story, written in a world with depth, other characters, and its own personality.

Quizzes and challenges

In-game elements like an employee's "Get-to-Know-You" form drive discovery, exploration, and curiosity as you play.

Expert-designed debrief

Go through a guided, low-pressure debrief to help reap the benefits of the experience for way after you and your partner finish.

Our Unique Approach to Role-Play

We're a team of designers and sex therapists, and we worked really hard to sort out what make makes a great experience:

Just the right amount of guidance

Too much freedom can be intimidating. Too little and you have a series of instructions. We're in the sweet spot - guiding you, but leaving decisions up to you.

Designed for everyone

Vanilla? Adventurous? Gay? Straight? Male? Female? Nonbinary? We designed these experiences for you. No experience needed, no specific kinks required.

Personalized experiences

When you complete your order, tell us the names and genders of your characters - you'll see them represented in the experience as you play.

An unbroken fourth wall

Once the game starts you won't "hear from Reviive" until the end. Different characters within the world or your game will guide you towards the climactic finish.

Real Reviiews

"Hi (Reviive), we want you to know that our daughter was born about 9 months after we played through the kit we bought. So you'll always have a special and odd place in our family story." - K and H, Alberta

Real Reviiews

"Thanks for putting extra love into this whole experience. We had a lot of fun, which was the whole point. The extra goodies will come in handy later." - D and R, Florida

How Ordering Kits Works:

Pick Your Scenario

Check out our kits to learn more about gameplay, power dynamics, and more. Choose the right kit (or kits) for you and your partner.

Provide Some Details

After checkout, you'll enter details for the characters in each scenario kit you've purchased. (Don't worry, we take your privacy very, very seriously).

Prep, Play, Debrief

Start with the briefing doc, and have a blast making memories. Once you're done the scenario, the experience will end with a fun debrief.

Role-Play Kit Q+A

Do we have to be "kinky" or "adventurous" to play?

No, not at all. Reviive designs role-play kits for literally all couples. Role-play is about connection, exploration, and communication - not about a specific sexual act or kink.

Do kits come with accessories, outfits, or toys?

Generally, no.

Since every couple is different, we don't know what you'll already own. We don't want to create more waste or increase the price of our games.

Do we need to use our own names?

Absolutely not. Whether it's for reasons of privacy or to more easily take on another persona, using nicknames is totally encouraged.

Do games have replay value?

Some elements of this scenario kit could be fun for use in the future. However, as the kit is customized to the players and key elements are single-use, we consider replay value relatively low. The good news is that the memories will last forever.

How long until my role-play kit arrives?

We generally ask for two business days to cutsomize, package, and ship your kits. Shipping from our Houston, Texas fulfiment centre is generally between 3 and 6 business days.

What's Reviive's returns + refund policy?

Generally, we don't offer refunds except in the case of packages that arrive incorrectly made, damaged, or in an otherwise unusable state. This is due to the fact that games are customized.