Reviews From Players

Here's what actual people are saying about Uncover Me:


Surprises and Sparks

"This game created more curiosity and conversation, and we got into it. The questions are fun and unique, which is amazing, and it sparks that conversation after you flip your cards. I recommend this game to anyone. I've played it with my wife, friends, and co-workers, and it's just full of surprises." - Sepehr, Canada


Actually Promotes Discussion

"(In couple's games, the) questions are usually irrelevant (what’s your favourite super hero power and why?!) or the conversation prompts aren’t staged in a way that promotes deep discussions. This game squashes both of those tropes. The questions range from easy to provocative, practical to philosophical, and everything in between." - Scott, Canada


Sparks and Fun

I was nervous but excited to play this with someone who I didn't know a whole lot about. I'm not sure if it was the well-designed game or the wine, but we both instantly felt intrigued to elaborate and hear each other's opinions. We played for over 2 hours and barely made it through the deck of cards as we were too busy laughing, high-fiving, and getting too invested in the "Deep Dives." - Mairyn, Canada


Opened Up Our Minds

"We had so much fun playing the game and learned things we didn't expect from each other. It made us imagine how we'd react in different situations and definitely opened our minds to each other's perspectives on things we got wrong! I especially enjoyed getting my partner's answers right - it made me feel really close to them. PS: Surprisingly fun with friends!" - Hannah, Canada


Creating Intimacy

"I love this game! I think what makes the game amazing, whether you play it with a partner or a friend, is the level of intimacy and depth sparked with all prompts provided. I think people should be having these conversations more often and this game provides an opportunity to do so. Highly recommend it." - Raf, Canada


10 Years, New Learnings!

“My wife and I played together Friday… AND Saturday. I can’t believe that, after 10 years together, the game actually helped us learn new things about each other - there were some fun surprising moments. And since many of the Situations led to great discussions, we’re only 1/3 of the way through the game after 2 nights of play.” - Mike, Canada