About Reviive

We're game designers and relationship experts who want people to have the best possible relationships

We're a team of people who are really curious (or extremely knowledgeable) about relationship dynamics and health. We're so passionate about this important area that we work to create games that help people with their relationships, because we believe in the power of play. <3

Our Story

The Origins of Reviive

In late 2020, our co-founders started to pay more attention to an area of interest for them: the relationship space. They started a company called Naughty Nights. While that name didn't feel right long-term, helping couples definitely did feel right. They started ideating ways to help couples connect through play, shortly renaming the company "Reviive."

The Name

Why 'Reviive'?

"Reviive" is a name that points to our desire to help bring more life to love and relationships - to renew, spark, rekindle, connect, shine light in new places, and see apparently familiar things with new eyes.

The People Behind Reviive:

We really like helping couples communicate better, explore, and grow. Here's who we are:

Natalie - Advisor

Sex and intimacy therapist, counselling practice owner, and huge proponent of couples continuing to explore. Natalie brings an expert eye to Reviive and makes sure our games help create as much exploration and communication as possible, while keeping safety and boundaries in check.

Mary - Advisor

Specializing in trauma and relationship dynamics, Mary helps us make sure our games don't inadvertantly cause harm. She acts as a second set of eyes on questions, dynamics, and even marketing. Mary is based near Chicago, has an MSW, and actively works as a counsellor.

Bryce - Co-Founder + Designer

Loves solving problems. With a history of religion-based sexual shame and a lot of curiosity, Bryce is passionate about helping couples communicate openly. As the sibling of a gay man and a trans man, he's also naturally wired to design products that include everyone from the get-go.

Filip - Advisor

Filip is a sociologist and behavioral researcher with more than a decade of research experience in various fields. Filip executed foundational research and serves an expert advisor for all things research and gameplay-related.


Reviive and inclusion

We believe that all couples deserve the opportunity to have a great relationship.

We're driven by personal conviction and the love we have in our own lives for people all across various spectrums.

That's why we design games for everyone.

If you have feedback, a desire to get involved or any questions, please contact us.