We've Rebranded. We're Reviive.

Howdy, friends. 


Sometimes, like trying a fantastic new move in the bedroom, you don't get it right the first time. Like the first time we launched Reviive, it was called Naughty Nights. An error on several fronts.


Whether you're reading this article because you Googled Naughty Nights, and it came up, or you're reading our blogs and had no idea Naughty Nights even existed, we want to explain the name change. Why? Both the Google traffic as mentioned above, and because we think it shows just how much we've learned on our journey to help couples have better relationships. 


Here's why we're Reviive, and not Naughty Nights

1. Most important to us was removing the suggested connection between our games and kink. We want couples of all kinds - from 'vanilla' to 'adventurous' - to understand we've created things for them. You can enjoy Reviive games with your partner if you have a kink or kinks. You can enjoy Reviive games with your partner if you're more traditional. It doesn't matter, because when you play, you're in control - we're just guiding you in fun, immersive ways. 


2. Emails. We really should have thought about the emails thing. The word 'Naughty' in an email tells most email providers that you belong in Junk Mail with the actual offenders. So not only were you not getting emails, but sometimes we wouldn't get our emails. From ourselves. Not great for good customer service. 


3. The word 'Reviive' is much closer to what we're trying to do. Having a naughty night is fun, but it's not a phrase that amplifies the sense of connection and growth we want couples to feel when using our products. Naughty is cool; connection is more what we're about, though. We want to help you connect or re-connect, and it's okay if you're naughty on the way there. But that's not the focal point. That's the goal. 


So there you have it. Our first game, Uncover Me, is a great place to start or restart your connection. And more is on the way. We can't wait to share those - and other great tools for couples - with you. 


- Bryce and the Reviive team