Drinking Games For Couples - Make Date Night at Home a Blast

Drinking Games For Couples - Make Date Night at Home a Blast

By the Reviive Team

The intro we obviously need to write, given the subject matter:

While we don't necessarily condone engaging in activities that may be unsafe, we understand that some couples enjoy spending an evening together with a few drinks. In this article, we'll explore a variety of drinking games that you and your partner can play to bond and have fun. Remember to always drink responsibly and ensure that both you and your partner feel comfortable with the chosen activities.

Here are our suggestions for great drinking games couples can play together!

Truth or Dare Beer Pong - a wild spin on an old classic

We've given the classic beer pong a makeover by adding some truth or dare action, turning your evening into a fun and potentially lively experience! To play, agree on a truth or dare for the loser, and then proceed with beer pong as you usually would. Feeling adventurous? Try the strip version for a bit of extra excitement!

Truth or dare beer pong is a fantastic way to bond with your partner, as it's filled with conversation, laughter, and some friendly competition. Just remember to keep the atmosphere light and enjoyable, focusing on having a great time and connecting with your significant other. Cheers!

Before you dive in, make sure you have:

  • A beer pong table or any big table (go on, clear off the dining table!)
  • Ping pong balls
  • Plastic cups
  • Beer or your fave beverage

“Hey Reviive, make it even easier for us!” OK, here are some cheeky dares and truths if you need some help getting the creativity flowing.


  1. Treat your partner to a 20-second massage wherever they choose.
  2. Serenade your sweetheart with a love song, eyes locked the whole time.
  3. Unleash a 30-second sultry dance just for your partner.
  4. Whisper the most adorable compliment you can possibly imagine in your partner's ear.
  5. Plant a tender kiss on a non-naughty spot your partner picks.
  6. Feed your love their fave snack using only your fingers (no forks allowed!)
  7. Reenact a scene from your partner's go-to romantic flick. Film it.
  8. Use your cheesiest pick-up line on your partner (the cornier, the better.)
  9. Piggyback your partner for a lap around the room.
  10. Whip up a "couples' secret handshake" that's just for the two of you.



  1. What was your most embarrassing childhood moment?
  2. Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character? If so, who?
  3. What was your worst date experience before meeting me?
  4. What is the most outrageous thing you've ever done while drinking?
  5. Did you ever have an imaginary friend growing up? If so, what was their name and what did they “look” like?
  6. What was the silliest or most irrational fear you had as a child?
  7. Have you ever been caught in a lie? If so, what was it about and what happened?
  8. What is the most embarrassing thing you've ever done to impress someone you were attracted to?
  9. What is your most memorable or bizarre dream from childhood?
  10. Have you ever pretended to like something just to impress someone? If so, what was it and did it work?

Play a couple’s card game like Uncover Me

Couples card games can be a super fun way to boost communication and connection, especially when mixed with a laid-back vibe and a drink in hand. Take Uncover Me, for instance – a card game crafted just for couples, seamlessly helping both partners open up and discover more about each other.

Pairing a game like Uncover Me with a drink creates a light and playful atmosphere, making it easy for you and your significant other to feel at ease while chatting and sharing.

The best part about Uncover Me is that it's an actual game. Sure, there are other couples' prompt games with open-ended questions, but there's only one Uncover Me. And if you play it and it doesn't quite hit the mark, our Founder will personally give you a call to apologize. (But trust us, you'll love it!)

Painting with Bob Ross

If you're looking for a more creative and unique drinking game, consider painting along with the human legend known as Bob Ross. This activity is especially enjoyable for couples who may not consider themselves artistic, as it offers the opportunity to let go of any inhibitions and simply have fun.

To prepare for this activity, gather your supplies such as canvas, paint, brushes, and a Bob Ross video tutorial. As you paint, take a drink whenever Bob says "happy little" or any other catchphrase you choose. By the end of the tutorial, you'll have a beautiful piece of artwork to remember the evening by.

Painting with Bob Ross can be a bonding experience for couples, allowing you to explore your creative side together and share a few laughs along the way. Plus, having a drink in hand can help to ease any nerves or self-consciousness.

What to grab before you paint:

  • Acrylic paints
  • Paintbrushes
  • Palette or paper plates for mixing colors
  • Canvasses or paper 
  • A device to watch Bob Ross tutorials (YouTube on the TV works)
  • Paper towel and hot water to clean up if you need
  • A painting blanket to put under you, if you’re messy
  • Your choice of drinks

Our suggestions for episodes to paint along with:

While it's difficult to definitively pinpoint the "best" episodes of The Joy of Painting, these episodes include some especially beloved Bob Ross paintings. To make your date night even better, we’ve linked to the full-length YouTube clips!

  1. Season 1, Episode 1: "A Walk in the Woods"
  2. Season 2, Episode 1: "Meadow Lake"
  3. Season 6, Episode 7: "Arctic Beauty"
  4. Season 7, Episode 11: "Grey Winter"
  5. Season 9, Episode 12: "Surf's Up"
  6. Season 11, Episode 1: "Mountain Stream"
  7. Season 12, Episode 1: "Golden Knoll"
  8. Season 15, Episode 9: "Splendor of a Snowy Winter"
  9. Season 30, Episode 3: "Winter's Peace"
  10. Season 23, Episode 3: "Frozen Beauty in Vignette"
  11. Season 25, Episode 1: "Fisherman's Paradise"
  12. Season 29, Episode 1: "Island in the Wilderness"
  13. Season 31, Episode 6: "Blue Ridge Falls"

These episodes showcase a variety of landscapes and painting techniques that are perfect for couples looking to bond over a fun and creative activity. Remember, the goal is to enjoy the process, let down your guard, and have a great time with your partner while painting along with Bob Ross. They also have Bob Ross in them, which is great.

Also remember: There are no mistakes, just happy accidents.

Drunk-ish Jenga

Drunk Jenga is a super fun drinking game for couples that mixes strategy with heaps of laughter. To play, write various tasks, questions, or dares on some or all of the Jenga blocks and set up the tower as you normally would. When a player removes a block, they must complete the task written on it before placing the block on top of the tower. If the tower takes a tumble, the player responsible for the collapse takes a drink.

This entertaining game breathes new life into the classic Jenga, creating a delightful and interactive experience for you and your partner. The tasks on the blocks can range from goofy to intimate, letting you tailor the game to suit your relationship and comfort level.

We know this one will take a little more preparation, given you’ll need to write on the blocks - but it may end up being reusable in the future, so that’s great. Pro tip: Assign a certain number of blocks to each partner, so some are surprises when they’re pulled out!

To prepare for Drunk-ish Jenga:

  • Buy Jenga.
  • Get some markers.
  • Get to writing some truths, dares, or prompts.

Movie drinking games

Fun for film lovers, and anyone with a pulse because Mean Girls is on this list and Mean Girls is amazing

Watching a movie together is a date night classic, and adding a drinking game can make it even more enjoyable. Pick a movie both you and your partner love and set some rules for when to take a drink. For example, you could sip every time a certain character says their catchphrase, a specific event happens, or a well-known song comes on.

Movie drinking games can give a familiar film a fresh and exciting feel while also creating a shared experience for you and your partner to bond over. The rules can be as simple or as intricate as you want, letting you tailor the game to your tastes and preferred level of challenge.

Just remember to pace yourselves and always drink responsibly.

Example Movies to Watch + Cues to Drink:


    Elf (2003)
    • Drink every time Buddy the Elf (played by Will Ferrell) says "Santa"
    • Drink every time Buddy eats or mentions sugar or candy
    • Drink every time someone mentions the "Naughty List" or "Nice List"

    The Princess Bride (1987)
    • Drink every time someone says "As you wish"
    • Drink every time Vizzini (played by Wallace Shawn) says "Inconceivable!"
    • Drink every time someone mentions "True Love"

    Mean Girls (2004)
    • Drink every time someone says "fetch"
    • Drink every time someone mentions "The Plastics"
    • Drink every time Cady (played by Lindsay Lohan) narrates or has a flashback

      Back to the Future (1985)
      • Drink every time Marty McFly says “Doc!”
      • Drink every time you’re sad you don’t own a DeLorean
      • Drink every time someone mentions gigawatts


      Never Have I Ever, but there are drinks

      Never Have I Ever is a classic drinking game that can be easily adapted for couples. To play, take turns stating something you've never done, starting with the phrase "Never have I ever...". If your partner has done the activity in question, they take a drink.

      The fun thing about this game as a couple is that it doesn’t have to be the typical ‘slightly naughty’ version people play together. You could use the opportunity to bring up things you wished you could do in life, travel, or your career. You could use the opportunity to see how much you know about each other.

      This game can be an entertaining way to learn more about your partner's experiences and interests, potentially sparking interesting conversations or even discovering shared interests. As with all drinking games, be sure to keep the game lighthearted and ensure that both you and your partner feel comfortable sharing and participating.

      In Conclusion: Drink safe, have fun, and we have a game called Uncover Me you should really own.

      Drinking games for couples can offer a delightful and one-of-a-kind way to connect with your partner and make unforgettable memories. Be responsible, stay curious and check in to make sure you and your partner feel at ease with the chosen activities. If you're on the hunt for a card game tailored for couples, give
      Uncover Me a shot to boost communication and connection in a laid-back and enjoyable setting. Here's to a fun and memorable night in with your loved one! Cheers!